Archaeology Department

Since 1 October 2014, Grand Patrimoine de Loire-Atlantique has its very own archaeology department.

PhotogrammetriePhotogrammetric survey

To date, the Archaeology Department’s activities focus primarily on research and cultural activities. The unit also plays a project management role on various archaeological projects. As of early 2016, the unit will hold the required license allowing it to work in the field of preventive archaeology.

  • Research: the department hosts researchers and develops research output.

The Archaeology Department has launched a 3D photogrammetric research programme with the Arc'Antique Laboratory, focusing on the digitization of lapidary archaeological remains. This programme will also digitize objects from the Musée Dobrée’s collections, along with the use of epigraphic surveys and digital anastylosis.

  • Cultural activities: these are an important aspect of the Archaeology Department’s remit. The department creates documents and activities that aim to promote archaeology amongst the public.

  • Project management: the Archaeology Department is involved inpreventive archaeological operations linked to construction and planning projects carried out by the Conseil départemental de Loire-Atlantique (county council). In this role, the Archaeological Department ensures that the protocols of preventive archaeology are respected and oversee any archaeological operations (diagnosis and preventive excavations).