2007-2008 - Artists from the Casa de Velázquez

From November 17, 2007 to February 17, 2008

Today, the General Council of Loire-Atlantique wishes to develop a new cultural policy based on exchanges with contemporary artists. Their work focuses on supporting artistic creation and improving the mediation offer around the artwork.bandeau photos1
The Estate of Garenne Lemot was founded between 1805 and 1827 by the sculptor François-Frédéric Lemot who wanted it to be a place where artists could come for inspiration. The estate has lived up to his expectations over the years as this vast landscape became the source of inspiration for many painters, drawers and engravers. Resident artists on the estate have also encouraged exchanges between the public, the artwork and the artists.

In order to carry on this mission, partnerships with contemporary artists and institutions are constantly implemented and developed.  

That is the reasoning behind the exhibition that is presented every fall by the Institut de France for the young artists of the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid.

Resident artists
This year, the General Council of Loire-Atlantique is proud to present the work of five French artists, 2005 graduates, under the care of the Academy of Fine Arts: Bertrand Chacun, Étienne Eczet, Carole Fékété, Clothilde Frappier and Sophie Whettnall.