2012 - A fly in the head

At the Estate of Garenne Lemot, discover a contemporary art exhibition that focuses on the lively and abundant universe of the flora and its insects!

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When the visual artist uses the methods and the tools of the naturalist to observe the work of the bee or the ant, to investigate the impact of human pollution on their life and to research the botanical metamorphoses in order to explain how they work, we can shine a new light on botany and get a vision that mixes art, science and observation.

Discover this artistic and poetic take on botany with the exhibition “A fly in the head”. The exhibition investigates the life of the flora and its insects through artists who use scientific methods and tools to study botany and entomology to creative ends.

With Jennifer Angus, Ivana Adaime Makac, Maria Fernanda Cardoso & Ross Rudesch Harley, Anne Carrique, Marie Denis, Hubert Duprat, Laurent Duthion, Robin Meier and Ali Momeni, Jenny Pickett, Julien Poindevin, Julien Ottavi, Ian Simms.