Making our exhibitions accessible for visitors with hearing difficulties

In 2016, Grand Patrimoine de Loire-Atlantique is continuing with its efforts to make the Département's sites more accessible, in partnership with CultureLSF. Based in Nantes, CultureLSF is dedicated to making cultural attractions and activities more accessible to those with hearing difficulties.

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Guided tours in French sign language

Signed video tours of the département's most emblematic heritage sites

Introducing the Loire-Atlantique's Grand Patrimoine heritage department

Exploring Nantes' Musée Dobrée

Exploring the Château de Châteaubriant

Exploring the Domaine de la Garenne Lemot at Gétigné-Clisson

Exploring the Château de Clisson

Check out the CultureLSF YouTube channel for more sign-language tours.

An accessibility policy which you can see in action at the region's major landmarks