In 2013

Retrouvez les meilleurs moments des éditions de 2013 à 2018 (Spectacles vivants).

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When warm days return, our remarkable sites host diverse events, accessible to all. Within an exceptional architectural landscape, experience moments of celebration, of dream, of wonderment and poetry. Whether you are enjoying a viola da gamba concert or lying peacefully in the grass to the sound of an electro-poetic production, laughing out loud in front of a clown or tapping to the rhythm of the bombard, we offer entertainment for all ages and tastes.


In 2013…

At Châteaubriant, we guarantee an emotional moment during an a cappella concert in the “golden room” of the château.

In the park of Garenne-Lemot, let us surprise you as you walk among the bushes and watch the bare backs of dancers emerge one by one, transformed into strange creatures.

At the château de Clisson, let the enchanting sound of the saxophone guide you through the labyrinth.

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